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Katelyn Oolman has worked for Wells Fargo Bank since graduating college. She is a Business Initiatives Consultant (AVP) and responsible for initiating and implementing communication strategies within Audit Services. Katelyn earned her B.S. in Marketing, International Business, French and Spanish from Iowa State University in Ames, IA. Katelyn has a passion for volunteering and helping others in need. She learned about the orphanage through Eric Idehen, her mentor at Wells Fargo. After hearing his story and seeing his passion, she wanted to help spread the word about this honorable endeavor. As a child, she had an unusual and great fear of becoming an orphan. She wants to help children in this situation to be cared for and loved. 

Katelyn lives in Grimes, Iowa with her husband and dog. She is actively involved in her community and has a yearly goal of volunteering at least 100 hours. She regularly participates in the following:

• Year-round volunteer for the Planned Parenthood book sale 

• Schedule coordinator for the Grimes Volunteer Support Services (GVSS)’s lawn patrol and snow removal program

As mentioned earlier, she enjoys volunteering. She also enjoys reading, doing puzzles, drawing and painting, traveling, and spending time with her friends and family. There is a purpose and reason for everything. Be a reason someone else is smiling.