Mission Statement

To provide high-quality care and love to orphan or vulnerable children, and if possible, find each child a loving forever family. We strive to stabilize and provide hope for orphaned and underprivileged children. We provide education to central Iowans regarding the cultural differences between Africa and the United States to improve support for African refugees or immigrants who have obtained citizenship in the United States.

How It Started

Eric Idehen was born and raised in Nigeria. He saw firsthand the number of orphans in need. After coming to the United States and becoming a U.S. citizen, he donated his home in Nigeria to be developed into an orphanage to support those children in need.

Born of one man’s dream, Cornerstone of Hope Orphanage has a strong, spirited, sustainable mission: Provide high-quality care and love to orphans or vulnerable children, and if possible, find each child a loving forever family.

Read more about Cornerstone of Hope Orphanage on our "About Us" page. 

About the Orphanage


The orphanage is located in Benin City, Nigeria. Both in the U.S. and abroad; volunteers, families, and community leaders work tirelessly towards maintaining and growing the orphanage.  Cornerstone of Hope Orphanage:  

  • Provides housing, food, medical care and education for the children.
  • Has 13 beds and can support up to 50 children at one time. 
  • Accepts all children under the age of 18; children may stay at the orphanage for a few days or up to 18 years. 
  • Works with children when they reach 18 to help them pursue college education and/or transition into adult living outside the orphanage. 
  • Is recognized by the Nigerian government as a reputable and trusted orphanage. 
  • Is not affiliated with any church but provides spiritual support for the children. 
  • Has five (5) full-time staff and two (2) volunteers. 
  • Has found permanent homes for 147 children since its opening in 2006; 13 children were adopted in the United States and 124 were adopted in Nigeria.
  • Has two Boards of Directors – the U.S. board consists of seven (7) professionals from the Des Moines area and the Nigerian board consists of four (4) professionals and one (1) business owner in Edo.
  • Is supported entirely by donations from individuals in the U.S. and Nigeria.