Kevin McGuire


Kevin McGuire is a shareholder and President of Allegra Marketing Services in Des Moines Iowa. Kevin attended Coe College in Cedar Rapids and earned a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Accounting and Business.  Later he attended Iowa State University and earned a Masters in Business Administration.

Kevin believes that every child deserves an opportunity to have a loving atmosphere to grow up in.  Cornerstone of Hope does that in two ways.  If we can find adoptive parents for the children, that is the best scenario, if we can’t find adoptive parents, then we provide that love and support with our award winning team of care givers that create a family at the orphanage home.  Kevin feels passionately that we have an obligation to help people that cannot help themselves and he have been blessed to have the opportunity to be involved with this organization for all these years!

Kevin lives in Johnston, Iowa with his wife Phoelisa and three children.  Within the community and internationally, Kevin is actively engaged in the following:

  • Past President of the board of directors for Cornerstone of Hope Orphanage
  • Past Treasurer for Cornerstone of Hope Orphanage
  • Boy Scouts of America Den leader, Assistant Scout Master for several years.
  • Volunteer for several groups at his church.

In his spare time, Kevin coaches basketball and attends all sorts of events for his children.

His life motto? Follow Christ and let the details work themselves out.