Nader Nasseh



Nader is originally from Shiraz, Iran, who moved to Nashville, TN in summer of 1976. He has two Bachelor of Science Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. 

After living in Tennessee for 21 years, he moved to Santa Monica, CA in 1997 working for Ernst & Young, LLP. Nader has been a co-founder of two different companies (one in 1985 and another in 2000). He moved to Des Moines, IA, to join Wells Fargo in July 2009 as SVP of Data Development Group for Home Mortgage Origination Systems.

Nader grew up with parents, who were passionate about children around the world. His Mon has a Early Child Education from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Nader is active member of Wells Fargo’s Diversity & Inclusion and TMNs organizations. He is the Executive Sponsor for Middle East TMN’s Iowa Chapter and Executive Advisor for CIDIC’s Passport Series.